About This App

Welcome to the Ladysmith Heritage and Investment App. Here you will find information that will help you get the most out of the app.

This app has two areas: heritage and investment. The heritage side of the app is a series of trails with multiple points of interest (usually buildings or locations of significant events) that you can explore at your leisure to uncover information about the town’s history and its people, from the earliest indigenous inhabitants, through to the present day.

The investment side of the app allows you to explore the different commercial development areas around Ladysmith and uncover investment opportunities for those interested in investing in and/or settling in town.

This app is available for download from the Apple App Store, Android App Store, and for use through your browser as a web app with no download required.

Mobile Data:

This app can be used with either a data plan or with WiFi spots available throughout the community. However, the app can also be used offline, though the GPS positioning will not work until you connect to data or WiFi. However, the text and images available on the app are all accessible offline and you can browse at your leisure if data or WiFi are an issue. Please note the audio and video components are only available online.


Please turn on your Bluetooth and Location Services in order to make the most out of the app. This will allow the app to show you were you are on the map and identify nearby locations. When you are near certain businesses or zones you may receive a pop up that tells you more information. You can easily close this pop up to return to your tour, or click on it to find out more information.

Best Experience:

We encourage you to increase your screen brightness, especially on sunny days, in order to see the images in the best quality. Also, if you choose to listen to audio or video, we recommend headphones to reduce outside noise.


On your phone, choose ‘Settings’ and then ‘Accessibility’ on Android or Apple devices in order to access available options, like text to speech and contrast settings. The app is designed to work within these parameters.


The app uses GPS technology to locate you on the map and while using the trails. To see where you are in relation to other points of interest or development zones, simply look for the blue dot. Also, when taking a heritage trail, the point of interest you are on will display as a blue marker as well.


This app has a tour component, in the heritage trails section. You can choose which tour to do and also choose where on the tour you start. You are not required to complete a tour once you begin it and can leave and return whenever you wish from the main map. Each trail has multiple points of interest that will help you to explore the rich history of Ladysmith and its people.


This app contains images, and maybe contain audio and video. Each point of interest contains short texts with information about the community, its buildings, people, and historical events. There are images to view for most of these points of interest, sometimes many images. You can scroll through any of the galleries by swiping left.

There are several historical image overlays which you will discover in the downtown and waterfront heritage trails. This make use of your mobile device’s camera and allow you a glimpse of what the town once looked like. The POI on the map let’s you know where to stand to view these images in the best way.


The main feature of this app is the map, available as the homepage but can also be accessed from the menu by selecting ‘home’. The map shows the various heritage trails as well as colour areas that denote the different development zones around Ladysmith. You can select a trail or zone via the map, as well as via the main menu option. On the top right you can select settings to jump between all trail points in the heritage side of the app, no matter the trail you are on.

Enjoy using this app and be sure to check back in future for more heritage trails and developments!